History of the Fitch Family 1400-1930

by Roscoe Conkling Fitch

History of the Fitch Family 1400-1930 is a genealogy of the Fitch family, written by Roscoe Conkling Fitch and privately published in 1930. A few uncirculated copies of this rare two-volume set are available for purchase.


Sir William Fitch, Knight
(One of numerous illustrations throughout the books)

History of the Fitch Family 1400-1930

by Roscoe Conkling Fitch

This two-volume set contains a history of the Fitch family appropriately illustrated with maps, charts, photos, and portraits, plus biographies of prominent members who won laurels for this name, and a genealogical summary of the first generation of the family in America.


1) Two volumes, hardcover - gold on green cover, with a raised Fitch coat of arms on front of each volume.
2) Privately published in 1930 and never reprinted.
3) Limited edition - only 1000 copies were ever published.
4) Each set of books is a limited, numbered edition.

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"Pedigree of Fitch," a record of the Fitches in England and America, certified by the College of Arms, London, England.
(One of many family tree fold-outs featured throughout the books)


History of the Fitch Family 1400-1930


Volume 1 - Table of Contents

Introduction: Origin of the Surname - Fitch


  1. The Fitches of County Essex, England.
  2. Fitch Settlers in America.
  3. Fitch Heraldry.
  4. Manorial Fitch Families of England.
  5. Captain Ralph Fitch and his ship "Tiger" (famous voyage to India and Burma that was referred to by William Shakespeare in "Macbeth" and "The Tempest.")
  6. Rev. Stephen Fytche, Vicar of Louth, County Lincoln, England, and his grandsons, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate of England; Lieutenant-General Albert Fytche; and John Lewis Fytche, Esq., of Thorpe Hall.
  7. Sir Joshua Girling Fitch, Knight (1824-1903).
  8. The Fitches of Steeple Bumpstead, Essex; Eltham and Mount Mascal, Kent; and Hadleigh House, Middlesex, England - Colonel Sir Cecil Fitch of England.
  9. Fitch Settlers in Virginia, 1606-7.
  10. General History and Migrations of the Fitch Family in America - Fitch Achievements in Connecticut.
  11. Deputy Governor Thomas Fitch I (1612-1704) - One of the founders of Norwalk, Connecticut.
  12. Governor Thomas Fitch IV (1700-1774) of Connecticut.
  13. Colonel Thomas Fitch V "Yankee Doodle" (1725-1795) of Connecticut.
  14. Benjamin Fitch (1802-1883) - Philanthropist.
  15. Haynes Fitch (1735-1815), Norwalk, Connecticut, Lines. Some of his descendants: Colonel Grant Fitch; Colonel Daniel Grant Fitch; William Grant Fitch; Grant Fitch, banker, and Lawrence Fitch of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charles Hall Fitch, author; Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Walton Fitch; George Helgesen Fitch, author; R. Louise Fitch, author and Dean of Women, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
  16. The Fitches of North Carolina.
  17. Some Fitch Authors and Other Prominent Descendants of Deputy Governor Thomas Fitch I, of Norwalk, Connecticut.
  18. The Fitches of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, and Massachusetts.
  19. John Fitch (1707-1795) in whose honor Fitchburg, Massachusetts, was named. His defense of his Block-House Fort during the French and Indian War. Naming of Fitchburg, Dane County, Wisconsin.
  20. Some Prominent Descendants of Deacon Zachary Fitch I of Massachusetts.
  21. Six Generations of the Descendants of Deacon Zachary Fitch of Massachusetts.

Sixteenth Century Fitch Coat of Arms
(One of numerous illustrations featured throughout the books)


Volume 2 - Table of Contents


  1. Rev. Mr. James Fitch I (1622-1702). One of the founders of Saybrook and Norwich, Connecticut, founder of Lebanon, Connecticut, and "Envoy Extraordinary" of the Colonists to the Indian Chiefs during King Philip's War.
  2. Rev. Mr. Henry Whitfield, B.D. (1591-1657). First Minister and one of the Founders of Guilford, Connecticut. Father of Abigail Whitfield, First Wife of Rev. Mr. James Fitch I. Her Relationship to Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400) and Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), celebrated English poets. Genealogical charts showing Abigail (Whitfield) Fitch's Royal descent.
  3. Deputy-Governor John Mason (1600-1672). Conqueror of the Pequot Indians. Called "The Miles Standish of Connecticut." Father of Priscilla Mason, second wife of Rev. Mr. James Fitch I.
  4. Major James Fitch II (1649-1727). One of the Founders of Yale College, and founder of Canterbury, Connecticut. "Lord of the Mohegan Valley," - "Father of Windham County, Connecticut." - Fitch Gateway, Harkness Memorial Quadrangle, New Haven, Connecticut.
  5. Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Fitch, D.D. (1756-1833). First President of Williams College. His kin: Dr. Samuel Sheldon Fitch, Captain William Ebenezer and his son, Robert L. Fitch of Indianapolis, Indiana.
  6. U.S. Senator Graham Newell Fitch of Indiana. Hon. Henry Satterlee Fitch. Col. Graham Denby Fitch, U.S.A. Abigail Hetzel Fitch, author. Lieutenant Graham Newell Fitch, U.S.N. Hon. Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy. Congressman Asa Fitch, M.D., of Salem, New York. Professor Asa Fitch, M.D., State Entomologist of New York. Captain Jabez Fitch, "Prison Ship Martyr" of the Revolution.
  7. (William) Clyde Fitch (1865-1909). Romantic story of ancestral background and genius of America's foremost dramatist.
  8. General John Fitch, and his grandson, Captain John Lathrop Fitch of Bridgeport Connecticut. Francis Emory Fitch and his son, John Knowles Fitch, both of New York. Thomas Fitch of Syracuse, New York. Hon. Charles Elliott Fitch, author, of Rochester, New York.
  9. Hon. Orramel Hinckley Fitch of Lebanon, Connecticut and Ashtabula, Ohio, his son, Hon. Edward Hubbard Fitch of Ohio, and his grandsons, Winchester Fitch, Esq., of New York City, and Edward Hubbard Fitch, Jr., (1873-1924), and granddaughter Annette Fitch Nelson, author, of Jefferson, Ohio.
  10. Dr. Lucius Henry Carey Fitch, pioneer physician of Iowa, and his son, Fred W. Fitch, manufacturer, of Des Moines, Iowa.
  11. Justice Elijah Fitch, Jr., pioneer of Detroit, Salem, Brighton, Novi, Lansing, and Ovid, Michigan, and his sons, Malcolm Fitch and Hon. Elijah Nelson Fitch, pioneers of Ludington, Michigan. Judge Virgil A. Fitch of Ludington, and his sons, Roscoe Conkling Fitch of Detroit, Michigan, (and Vernon Minor Fitch).
  12. Some Fitch authors and other prominent descendants of Rev. James Fitch I of Norwich, Connecticut.
  13. Samuel Fitch I of Hartford, Connecticut. He was engaged in 1650 as Schoolmaster at Hartford. Genealogy of first three generations in America.
  14. Joseph Fitch I of Windsor, Connecticut.
  15. Lieutenant John Fitch, (1743-1798). Inventor in 1785 of the world's first successful steamboat. World pioneer and father of steam navigation. His famous "Fitch Map of the Northwest, 1785."
  16. Documentary proof of Lieutenant John Fitch's invention in 1785 of the world's first successful steamboat. From the Congressional Record, March 3, 1925.

Roscoe Conkling Fitch

About the Author

Roscoe Conkling Fitch of Detroit, Michigan, now deceased, was:

  1. A member of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
  2. Corresponding member of The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
  3. Member of The Connecticut Historical Society
  4. Honorary member of the Fitchburg (Mass.) Historical Society
  5. Member of The Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society
  6. Member of the Detroit Historical Society